Meet The Mafia – Glitterysah

Meet The Mafia is back! This week we say howdy to new member Sarah of Glitterysah.

Why did you start in business/crafting?

I realised that working for the council just wasn’t making me happy, and what I really wanted to do was make pretty things! Previously, I didn’t think I had it in me to start a business and I didn’t think anyone else would like the things I made. But encouragement from my friends and my boyfriend (and particularly business advice from him!) gave me the kick up the bum I needed! I’m far from making this my fulltime job yet, but this part of my life keeps me sane and happy.

How did you come up with your crafty name?

Glitterysah is a nickname I adopted back in highschool, I think I made it up for an email address or something. Sah is short for Sarah (cause you know, its such a long complicated name that needs shortened!) and I’m glittery! :) And as soon as I decided to start up my business, I knew that was the perfect name to use.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

It varies! When its about things relating to me, probably half empty. But when its other people, I am always optimistic and see it as half full. I probably shouldn’t be so hard on myself!


What is your favourite thing that costs nothing?

Ooooh I have quite a few. I like sunsets and sunrises, snow, hugs and kisses, when people are polite, walking round the West-End, singing loudly in the car when I’m driving, seeing birds perched on lamp posts and signs and other odd places… there are more but I’ll stop here :)

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Channeling my inner crazy-old-lady, vintage shops, charity shops, old films, comics, old photographs, flowers, people watching, my childhood, teashops – again the list could go on!

Top 5 desert-island essentials?

My sewing box, my phone’s Last-FM app, a piano, an endless supply of diet cola, the boy

What is the ugliest most pitiful thing you’ve ever made?

Hmmmmm….. probably some hideous pencil case-type creation I made in high school home ec. I generally like the things I make, I’m just never sure anyone else will!


What have you made that you’re most proud of?

Easy! My best friend’s engagement ring. I made it with silver and its set with an opal. I love it and so does she, which was such a relief!! I was worrying for days that she wouldn’t. I was so honoured when Stu, her boyfriend, asked me to make it and am chuffed with how it turned out.

What’s so great about Glasgow?

The buildings, the people, the smell (you know that Glasgow smell? Its the breweries or something), the West End, my flat, the charity shops, the amazing creative buzz there is here, the great places there are for people watching! :) Oh, and the fact its not my home village!

Favourite biscuit?

Generally I’m not a sweet-toothed person, but you definately can’t beat a crunchy ginger biscuit. Oh, and I make amazing butternut squash & ginger choc chip cookies – sounds bizarre but trust me they’re gorgeous!

What crafts do you still want to learn?

Silversmithing (is that the right word?), how to crochet properly (I make it up as I go along), screenprinting & printmaking


What is your idea of a perfect day?

Not waking up to an alarm, lying in bed for a while taking crap with my boyfriend and with my cat Ruby lying on my tummy, then having a lazy breakfast/brunch watching cartoons, followed by a day of getting to make stuff and be creative, tea out at a spanish or mexican restraunt with friends, then home to watch old films or listen to old music. Bliss.

What do you do in your day-to-day life, other than being a mafioso?

I work full-time as a Youth Services Worker (youth worker) in the rural Stirling area. Its mostly great fun but can be stressful and involves lots of driving and paperwork – boo!

What is your favourite crafting tool?

Hmm… I have some really good pliers that make jewellery making much easier. I also have a wonderful inherited sewing machine. They probably tie with just a good old needle a thread – I very often end up hand sewing my creations as I can sit and watch Heroes that way :)

What are your plans for the future?

To make Glitterysah a success! Its early days yet so for now, just to keep developing my designs and my brand and start to feel a bit more confident in my creations. A bunch more sales would be ace too! :)

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  1. Vonnie Says:

    Yay! I really enjoyed reading this :D

  2. Kate Says:

    WHat a fab and fun interview! Great answers, loved reading it. Off now to have a nose at your latest creations :)

  3. glitterysah Says:

    Awww :) Yay, I loved reading it too! Its like those interviews they used to have in just seventeen with cheesy pop stars haha! Thanks guys xxx

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