Meet The Mafia – Much Too Fun!

Say a big hallo to Mhairi of Much Too Fun!

Why did you start in business/crafting?
I had been inspired by visiting other craft fairs and shops and have a lot of crafty, creative friends. I’m a graphic designer by day and have always enjoyed creating things in my spare time. A couple of years ago my house was broken into and all my precious jewellery was stolen so I began making my own vintage inspired charm jewellery. It went really well and I soon began selling the items at fairs and online. Earlier this year my friend Sarah and I had a wee night out and stumbled across the idea for Bonnie Bling and we’ve been working away at it ever since.

How did you come up with your crafty name?

A friend and I were at the Sonar music festival a couple of years ago and were having much too fun!! So when I set up my online shop I thought it would be a great name to use as the main aim of what we do is to bring a smile to your face.
For the Bonnie Bling jewellery range we wanted something catchy and fun with a little bit of Scotland thrown in, we really like it.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Always half full and striving to fill it to the top.


What is your favourite thing that costs nothing?

My cats are pretty fun, and the fruit and veggies I grow in my garden always impress me.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
Design books and mags are an essential for me.
I love finding out what other crafters are getting up to and working on collaborative projects (we have a couple in the pipeline just now.)
Due to the amazing response we’ve had to our jewellery line, we have a lot of people shouting random Scottish words at us so we’re not too short on ideas for Bonnie Bling!

Top 5 desert-island essentials?
1. An eternally charged Iphone
2. Mascara
3. An umberella- it’s multifunctional
4. I think that seen as I have my iphone with me a lot of other things can be left at home!

What is the ugliest most pitiful thing you’ve ever made?
A clay dinosaur I made when in primary 3 stands out in my memory! It had a tail that had to be re-attached every 10 minutes to keep me happy.


What have you made that you’re most proud of?
I went to a silversmithing class last year and have just completed my first solid silver necklace and matching ring. I wanted something a bit different so it is just one long chain that you can leave hanging loose or can wrap round your neck. At one end is a lovely silver frog and at the other is the Dragonfly he’s trying to catch for his tea!

Favourite biscuit?

What crafts do you still want to learn?
Would love to get some screenprinting on the go sometime, and some dressmaking would be pretty handy.

What is your idea of a perfect day?
I quite like the unexpected things that can happen when you have no plans but the perfect start to the day would be a long lie, then a breakfast of tea and toast while getting some time to read the newspaper. In general hanging out with my husband and cats helps me to recharge my batteries when I’ve had mega busy weeks, nice to have some downtime. If I can manage to squeeze in a wee glass of red wine in the evening that’s always a nice treat :-)


What do you do in your day-to-day life, other than being a mafioso?
By day I am a graphic designer and run my own web design business called Mucky Puddle. I think, now that I officially have two companies, I get to be called an entrepreneur, look out Lord Sugar!

What is your favourite crafting tool?
My A2 wooden drawing board that used to belong to my Grandpa. I can pop my laptop on it to prevent hot-leg syndrome, draw and paint on it, and can spread out all my charms and bling so I can see what I’m doing when I’m in a crafting frenzy. Perfect!

What are your plans for the future?
We really want to keep sourcing amazing vintage charms for Much Too Fun. With Bonnie Bling, the plan is to release a new range every season eventually moving into regional words and phrases for different areas of the country. There are so many amazing words out there that people need to hear!


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