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Welcome to the family

The Glasgow Craft Mafia is a group of crafty businesses pocket option philippines dedicated to supporting each other, promoting DIY craftiness in Glasgow and beyond, and generally crafting up a whole heap of trouble here in the wild, wild West of Scotland. We're part of the larger Craft Mafia Familia first started in Austin, Texas

About the Glasgow Craft Mafia

Welcome to the newest addition to the craft family. Founded in February 2007, this troupe of Glasgow based crafters are on a mission to promote craft and creativity.

The Glasgow Craft Mafia members produce a range of unique handmade pocket option trading products such as jewellery, homewares, art, stationery and fashion and interior accessories.

Where can you find these highly coveted products? It's not as difficult as you may think. Handmade does not mean hard to find. Customers can purchase members' products from their respective websites, Etsy shops and at frequent Craft Mafia Markets.

We want to show you an alternative to the high street, which often fails to deliver the quality, unique handmade products that shoppers long for. Read on to find out more about us or risk a hand knit, beautifully embroidered and hand embellished horses head in your pocket option bed...

Photos from our members